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Online Commodity Trading Course

Online Commodity Trading is highly risky and it requires a lot of knowledge of financial market understanding and technical skills. A common mistake that normally people do is that they easily get inspired by high profit ratio. At the same time they ignore the fact that loss ratio is also high in this business.

2ndly online commodity trading is often mixed up with forex trading in Pakistan. Online commodity trading is done through the regulated companies having financial brokerage license under SECP. Whereas, forex trading in Pakistan is referred to the physical exchange of forign currencies and it is done through licensed exchange companies.

We strongly felt the need to clarify these misconceptions and to give the true sense of financial market, we have started online commodity trading course. Learning of this course will give you the opportunity to increase income part time or full time.

Overview of Online Commodity Trading Course

  • • What Is Commodity Trading? – A Definition & Introduction. Introduction to Trading Platform
  • • Commodity Trading Terminology
  • • Order Types and Calculating Profits & Losses
  • • What is Professional Commodity Trading? Types of Trading
  • • What is Fundamental Analysis? Impact on Trading
  • • Introduction to Commodity Charting
  • • What is Technical Analysis?
  • • What Is A Commodity Trading Strategy?
  • • How to Make a Commodity Trading Plan
  • • Common Commodity trading mistakes and traps

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