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  • S-6, Gulberg Center, Lahore.
  • Info@ecntechnology.com
  • +92 331 4840214

Sales / Marketing Consultant

As a consultant, we work with existing team of small or medium organization. In 1st phase, we evaluate their past experiences, existing sales and marketing plan, their existing team to make sure that right person is for right job. Based on evaluation and after discussion with management, we suggest most suitable sales and marketing plan.

Overview of major services

  • • Monitor markets, trends, sales results, demographics, and other data related to products or services
  • • Analyze product or services details, specifications, market share, pricing, competitor offerings, and promotional materials
  • • Create reports keeping in view research findings and analysis
  • • Provide written documents or verbal presentations to guide the new marketing plans and strategies.
  • • Recommends budgets to achieve desired sales goals
  • • Help with new product and service to increase sales in new or existing markets
  • • Assist directors and marketing managers in marketing, positioning, and branding for each product or service
  • • Advise advertising opportunities and promotional materials within the budget
  • • Monitor sales and feedback and readjusts marketing strategies as necessary
  • • Establish tracking methods to evaluate performance

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